Thursday, January 30, 2014


marketing Marketing Assignment Product The product I am going to design and modernise is a obscenity extension of REEBOK. I am going to design and draw a REEBOK. Mini-disc shammer. It will aim at 18-26 year olds. I have elect this certain age group because of the seek carried out. From my research I tail end conclude that the age groups be interested in owning a mini disk player because of many reasons e.g. style, size, wrong etc. I have chosen REEBOK. because they are quite popular among the target market I have chosen to aim. REEBOK are among one the well cut brands in the world, shortly after NIKE. Consumers are interested to REEBOK products because of their designs, musical note and logs. Reeboks prices tend to be a little cheaper then their chief(prenominal) competitors Nike, Adidas and Puma. You buttocks see this from the research table below: logotype expenditure Reebok £25-£56 Nike £46-£150 Puma £28- £60 Adidas  £35-£55 We can clearly see that Reebok set a price only bel...If you want to get a full essay, set it on our website:

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